Why You Need To Travel To Alaska?

Alaska!!! So many images come to mind when that word is spoken. Speaking of images, Salmonberries abound around in Alaska.

Your Alaska Vacations can give you so much to do, you will run out of time. Guaranteed!! Summer in Alaska offers hundreds of things to do. Hiking, Fishing, Kayaking, Flightseeing, Touring on Alaska Railroad, Bear & Bird Watching. Gold Prospecting is another hobby, (for some folks, it’s all they do), that’s available to you in the Summer.


Now you can add this site to your My Yahoo, MSN or Google pages for up to the minute changes for your trip to the Last Fronier of Alaska. Sign up today, just click one of the buttons in the box above the Nav Bar. It’s easy as pie.

Come with me on a virtual Alaska Tour. My Home. First, we will travel to Anchorage, the jumping off point of your Alaska vacation. From here we can do so many things and visit so many places. Anchorage is also Alaska’s largest city. It is a very modern city of about 265,000 people with all the conveniences of any city in the Lower 48.

We have some inconvienences too, like traffic jams and…..uh, well that’s about the only one I can think of. Unless you call 19.5 hours of daylight in the summertime an inconcienence. But for those of us that live here, it’s why we endure 19.5 hours of darkness in winter.

From here, you can get to practically any other vacation hot spot in Alaska. Fairbanks, in the Alaskan Interior, is one of the oldest cities in Alaska. Known for it’s absolute refusal to join the 21st century, it makes you feel right at home in a Frontier Town.

How about a trip to the Capitol. Juneau, sits in amongst some of the most beautiful scenery….oh, by the way, I am very biased. I think the whole state is some of the most beautiful scenery. So you might not want to take my word as the ultimate truth. Come see for yourself.

Oh, I almost forgot. What ever you do, Please, Please, do not forget your Camera. Kodak moments abound in Alaska. If you can’t find anything to photograph here, you probably need a Coroner because there is just no life left in you.

From the time I was about 9 years old, I have wanted to come to Alaska. It took me another 16 years to finally arrange a trip up here. When I crossed the border from Canada into Alaska, I knew I was home. And this has been home ever since.

I call it My Alaska because I feel that I was supposed to be here, even before I was born. Not to get metaphysical on you or anything. But Alaska is not just for me. It is for everyone and I will either make you feel welcome or make you want to visit Alaska in the worst/best possible way or maybe even both. Hopefully it will be both.

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