Why Visit San Diego?

So why would you even consider taking a Vacation this year in San Diego?

There’s absolutely no need to continue day dreaming about that perfect vacation destination. Mark your calendar for the next flight out to the land of the living…because a San Diego getaway is all you’ll ever need.

But why should you believe me that Southern California is the best choice for you? Sift through all the hype…and see for yourself.

Aside from the fact that we enjoy near perfect weather…where else can you get top of the line beaches, sights, and attractions all in one spot? That’s not all though! The dining, shopping, and accommodation options are enough to plan you’re entire vacation around.

Living in San Diego…for about over 10-years now…has allowed me to discover so much of what this region has to offer. The best thing I’ve experienced though to this day was the birth of my first born. Alex was born this past July in the Mission Valley area. My wife and I are ecstatic about him, and all the memories we’ll make together in the years to come.

Sometimes it’s mind boggling to know we live in the center of one of the most visited vacation destinations in America! We don’t have to go far for special weekend getaways. Sometimes it’s just as simple as walking out on our balcony, sitting on our favorite chair, cracking open our favorite book, and enjoying the warm sunny day. When you live in a place where shorts, sandals, and t-shirts are regular attire…why would you want to go anywhere else?

So stay a moment…make yourself your favorite cup of coffee, or whatever gets your taste buds going…and explore our site. Planning your next San Diego getaway is only a few clicks away!

So go ahead and explore…helping you plan that perfect San Diego Vacation is what this site is all about.

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