Travel To Mauritius – A Tropical Paradise

Are you dreaming of swimming in an aqua blue sea, then relaxing on a clean beach free from constant harassment from hawkers?

Looking for a holiday that caters for adventure and for laziness?

Want to go where it’s warm….even when it’s raining?

Want waterfalls, wildlife, amazing plants, blue seas, friendly people and luxury?

Then you should be planning a trip to Mauritius!

Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, has earned a reputation as one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world, but it is so much more than that.

Have fun exploring!

  • Learn About The Legend of Diwali
  • Visit The National History Museum Mahebourg
  • Visit The Blue Penny Museum
  • What Is The Pere Laval's Shrine?
  • Take A Look At Some Beautiful Pictures From The World Of Mauritius
  • Visit The Hilton Mauritius Resort
  • Visith The Martello Towers La Preneuse in Mauritius
  • Learn To Cook Something From The People Of Mauritius
  • What's With Those Diwali Celebrations In Mauritius
  • Visit The West Coast Of The Mauritius Island
  • See The Unique Pink Pigeon In Mauritius
  • See The Rare Mauritius Parakeet
  • The Mauritius Kestrel
  • Black River Gorges National Park In Mauritius
  • Visit The La Vanille Crocodile Park In Mauritius
  • Visit Ile aux Aigrettes, Mauritius
  • Visit The Casela Yemen Nature Park In Mauritius
  • Visit The L’Aventure du Sucre In Mauritius
  • How’s the Weather in Mauritius?
  • Visit Some Of Those Pamplemousses Botanical Gardens In Mauritius
  • Does Mauritius Have Any Wildlife?
  • Anahita Golf Course In Mauritius
  • Le Touessrok Golf Course In Mauritius
  • Play Golf At The Links Golf Course Mauritius
  • The Legend Golf Course In Mauritius
  • Play Golf At The Golf du Chateau Mauritius
  • The Tamarina Golf Course In Mauritius
  • Paradis Golf Course In Mauritius
  • Tourist Attractions In Mauritius Worth Seeing...
  • The Best Way To Get To Mauritius
  • Some Facts You Need To Know About Mauritius...
  • What Is The Best Time To Visit Mauritius