Guide To Las Vegas Traveling

If you’ve never been to Vegas before, then you’re in for a real treat!

This Guide to Las Vegas will introduce you to “the most exciting city in the world!”

During the past 100 years, Las Vegas has evolved from a desert wasteland into the “entertainment capital of the world!”

Spectacular casinos, theme-based hotels, international renown entertainment, first-class accommodations, fantastic resorts, award winning chefs, 60 golf courses, luxurious spas, endless attractions, fabulous stage shows and world-class shopping have all combined to attract more than 35 million visitors a year. Viva Las Vegas!

When in Vegas, expect the unexpected. Bumping into celebrities, ordering margaritas for under a dollar, the glitz, the glamour, the dazzling, the rich, the poor, the famous – you’ll find it all in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our Guide to Las Vegas is a “must have” survival tool for the new visitor.

Every direction you look in from the famous Las Vegas Strip to the dazzling Fremont Street Experience, there is an incredible variety of activities and shows going on 24/7. Be it a roller coaster ride around Manhattan styled skyscrapers, a trek through space at warp speed, or a trip up the tallest observation tower in the USA – Las Vegas, Nevada is the entertainment capital of the world!

You can take a chance with Lady Luck and play Russian roulette, or take in a live Las Vegas show with your favorite entertainer or celebrity. You can dine from buffet to gourmet to fast food, dance the night away in some of the top nightclubs in Las Vegas or play golf on 60 plus courses.

If you are into shopping, then you can “shop till you drop” at some of the best discount outlet malls in the entire USA. Or you can simply relax beside a refreshing pool surrounded by luxury and beauty.

These are just a few of the many choices waiting for you in this incredible desert playground.

Our Guide to Las Vegas is a “must have” survival tool for first-time visitors to the “entertainment capital of the world”! This unique guide includes tips on where to stay, where to play, where to eat, what to see, where to shop, where to golf, how to get around, places to avoid and where to save, save, save!

You will also learn about entertainment hot spots, shopping malls, famous restaurants, golf courses, sporting events, fishing areas, luxury lake-side resorts and other attractions just beyond the city. In addition, you will receive information on where to rent an entire vacation home for less than the price of a hotel room on the Strip, plus much, much more!


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